About Air and Gases

NEDLAB Air and Gases is expert at testing air and gases at application level. Many types of air and gases require specialized equipment and knowledge to reach unequivocal results in testing and analyses. Q.P. Nedlab B.V., trading under the name NEDLAB LUCHT & GASSEN, is NEN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, for scope see: L356 – Raad voor Accreditatie (rva.nl). We are a unique player in Europe and we are the most pre-eminent laboratory for the quality control of breathing air, compressed air, gases and gas mixtures.

Air and Gases is a division of NEDLAB laboratory in the Netherlands.

What we will help you with

Patient safety

The European Pharmacopoeia (EP) establishes the requirements for manufacturing quality and for the quality of various points of delivery of medical air (compressed air) and medical gases in OR’s, ICU’s and patient rooms. These need to meet the requirements given in the various monographs of the EP.

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Food safety

The production process of food and beverages requires the use of compressed air and various gases, which will come in contact with the product directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to check the compressed air and gases.

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Work safety

Many industrial branches use independent breathing protection to work safely. In addition to having safe equipment and behaving safely, it is extremely important to check the compressed air that is used for independent breathing protection.

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Process security

Contamination of compressed air can have disastrous consequences for a process and can cause a lot of downtime. Checking, testing and analysing for particles, micro-organisms, moisture, oil and hydrocarbons is essential in every production process and prevents a lot of downtime.

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Branches in which we operate

Hospitals and clinics

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High tech & laboratories

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